Game Room Furniture

Spectator Chairs

Encore Billiards offers countless options of Spectator Seating, with Spectator heights up to 30″ for easy viewing.We offer benches and chairs that have cuestick racks and drink holders, all in different woods, finishes, and fabrics to choose from.American manufacturers Mikhail Darafeev and California House are the best for comfort, style and options.

billiards spectator chairsbilliards spectator chairsbilliards spectator chairsDarafeev billiards spectator bench

Pub/Bistro Tables

Encore Billiards offers Pub Tables in many different heights and sizes, complete with chess and backgammon inlay options, with wood or glass tops, all with traditional wood or contemporary metal finishes.

Aden kitchen stoolsBalboa pub tableDelmar pub tablePetaluma pub tabletop tables in a kitchenCalifornia House Davenport Pub Table

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