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To obtain a price quote for any service work please email us pictures of the pool table, its measurements, your contact information and what town the table is located in.

Assembly / Disassembly and Re-Felt

Encore sells and services throughout Connecticut and surrounding areas. We provide re-covering, re-leveling and relocation services on our equipment and even equipment purchased elsewhere. We sell parts and accessories. We use certified technicians to insure professional delivery and proper installation.

Re-Felt / Re-Level – Repairs

pool table repairs

Whether you are redecorating your room, or just sprucing up an older pool table, our installers can recover your pool table with your choice of felt brand and color. We carry the best options in billiard felt. We offer Simonis professional billiard cloth and 21oz. Championship cloth. Both cloth options are available in many colors. Custom logos and sports team are also available to be screened directly on the bed area of the felt. We can also provide pockets or any hardware that may need to be replaced. When we re-felt a pool table we include re-levelling and re-waxing the seams at no additional charge.

Although Simonis billiard cloth is slightly more expensive than the alternative felt we highly recommend the Simonis brand for the following reasons:

  • Long lasting
  • No pill
  • Faster play
  • NATURALLY spill resistant
  • Played and chosen by more professional players than any other billiard cloth
  • Oldest felt being manufactured (since 1680)

Simonis cloth is often copied but never duplicated. We feel if you spend a little more now you’ll save in the long run.

Championship cloth is the best in worsted felt. We stock longer lasting 21oz. weight. (Thinner felt wears much quicker).

Please call for any further information or to schedule an appointment at 203-783-1159.

Cue Stick Repairs

We offer expert tip & ferrule repairs and replacement as well as shaft cleaning. Tip brands offered include Kamui, Tiger, Moori, Le Pro and Triangle just to name a few. We sell many types of high performance shafts and also provide re-wrapping services for older cue sticks.

How To Correctly Measure a Pool Table

The proper way to measure a pool table is from inside cushion to cushion (where the ball hits).

how to measure a pool table bumper to bumper
Room Sizing Chart

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