Dart Boards are a must have - Fun for EVERYONE

May 11, 2020
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dart board with usa dart

Are your kids home from school indefinitely? Trying to figure out how to keep them engaged and not playing video games all day? Encore Billiards sell a variety of different games that can be fun and exciting for the whole family to enjoy. Encore Billiards & Gameroom is a family owned retail store, selling top quality recreation products to homes, schools and institutions. From the concept and design to delivery and project completion. Darts is a very popular game and can be enjoyed by all ages. We especially love it for kids because it requires them to move, the couch potatoes are finally off the couch! Counting and adding up scores keeps the minds sharp and in use. And most importantly, coordination is a skill that increases as the games continue.

What you need:

  • A safe, well lit place to play.
  • A good dartboard. 
  • A set of three darts, either soft-tipped or steel-tipped.

We sell different types of dart boards. Steel Tipped Dart boards start at $59.95. Soft Tipped Electronic Dart Boards start at $179.95, these are cool because they keep score for you. We also sell the latest "GranBoard" $259.95 which allows you to link your Smartphone or IPad to test your skill and play against people all over the world. 

As for darts, we offer a variety of styles - plastic tips are safer for kids, brass barrels are least expensive, nickel silver and then tungsten are the more expensive. Steel Tipped Darts sold sets(3) start at $7.95. Soft Tipped Darts sold sets(3) start at $7.95. Call us for more information.

How to set up:

A dart board set up is very inexpensive and requires very little space for game play. (5’8” to the center of the bull. Throw distance for steel 7’9 1/4” and soft tip is 8’.)  


You just might hear something new during the game… an actual CONVERSATION, something we're all looking to hear again. LOL. If you are interested in your very own dart board, call Encore Billiards at 203 783-1159. If we’re not in, leave a message, we will get back to you.

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