CHECKMATE! The Chess Business is Suddenly Booming

January 26, 2021
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fancy chess set|Giant outdoor chess set|

Although we have always sold chess sets it seems chess, along with other classic board games have really gained an all time high in popularity at the moment. Everyone is playing chess these days, adults and kids of all ages.

Chess is a game that requires strategy and helps develop problem-solving skills and is a great exercise to keep one's mind sharp. In every chess game, players are faced with challenges and problems that you have to solve in order to play your best game. Chess helps you to think ahead, take your time with your decisions, and weigh the pros and cons of your game playing moves.

Giant outdoor chess set

Our pricing for Chess sets usually start at $49.95 and depending on the style and how decorative the detail is can go up to $500 and even higher. Chess boards and men can be made from wood, alabaster, marble, metals and many other exotic materials.

Folding chess set

Some sets are designed for travel with magnetic pieces, roll up vinyl boards and some have folding boards and or storage drawers under the board for the pieces. We even sell jumbo chess sets for outdoor play.

If you prefer not to come to our store, we can assist you over the phone.

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