Let’s Get Outside: Giant-4-In-A-Row

June 9, 2021
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Super-Size Your Outdoor Fun With This Classic Game For All Ages

This giant version of the beloved game, Giant-4-In-A-Row, measures 38” wide x 37” tall which allows for a more engaging experience as even the spectators can get a good view of the match. 

Players of all ages can easily engage with these 4” play pieces, as they move them around the frame into the slots. This game is fun for anyone, but it is especially helpful for young children who are developing their fine motor skills, strategizing skills, and spatial reasoning. 

This game requires little to no cleanup, and can be quickly assembled! It’s easy to play and understand, and it’s sturdiness means you will have years of fun & enjoyment.

High quality product. Made in the USA. Price: $149.95

How to Play

This game is traditionally played with 2+ players who each try to connect four of their pieces in a row. This can be either diagonally, vertically, or horizontally. The players insert their play pieces (each player has a set of colored pieces) into the slits of the frame and the pieces fall into place. 

However you can make this game your own by adapting it slightly.

Different Ways to Play

Try doing a truth or dare version, where every time a horizontal row is filled or 2 pieces of the same color touch a player must either pick a truth or a dare. 

You could also play a version that requires every time a player completes their row of four, they can create a rule the other player must follow for the entirety of the next round. For example, if Player 1 wins, they can establish a rule that states that Player 2 must do jumping jacks while they wait for their turn. 

Another fun version is one that requires each player to complete a challenge before each of their turns. These challenges could be to do a sprinting contest, making a basket in a basketball hoop, or jumping 10 times with a jump rope. This way children could get mental and physical exercise through 1 fun game!

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