Bocce Ball: A Timeless Summer Game That Can Be Enjoyed By All Ages

August 5, 2021
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Make The Most Out Of Your Summer With Bocce Ball For Endless Backyard Fun!

Did you know that Bocce Ball dates back to 5000BC? It's no surprise that this game is still widely popular all over the world.  As straightforward as it is versatile, bocce can be a two-player game, or played in two teams with an even number of players making it a great game for young children and seniors alike!

championship series bocce set


Bocce Ball comes with minimal supplies, making setup and cleanup a breeze!  You get 1 target ball called a pallina, and 8 larger Bocce balls (4 of one color and 4 of another color), and a rulebook that includes court layouts and dimensions. Official Bocce courts measure 76 feet long by 10 feet wide, but any similarly shaped level surface will do.

bocce balls in the grass

How to Play

The game starts with one person pitching the pallina, and then each consecutive player tries to throw their ball as close to the pallina without touching it.  Scoring occurs at the end of each round with one team (the one with the ball closest to the pallina) scoring points. Some choose to score just by looking and determining which appears closest, however some choose to measure the distance with rulers!

Bocce Ball is a laid-back summer game that can be played on any level surface, and makes a great gift for those who like entertaining and don't mind getting a little competitive!


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