Air Hockey Fun

November 16, 2020
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great american power air hockey table|great american power air hockey table||great american power air hockey table

Air Hockey is a super fun game providing hours of fast paced play for the whole family, all ages can play! 

Home size is usually 7' you would need approximately a 9' x 5' space. Tables can be along a wall or freestanding, all you need is a nearby outlet. 

Some tables have options for furniture style cabinets to coordinate with a room's decor and some models can accommodate a table tennis conversion top

air hockey pub table

There are square high top table versions that can accommodate 4 bar stools to sit around and offer a hard top cover to convert to an arts & crafts table or game table

Commercial style tables are 7' and 8' sizes and are made to take extra abuse in an arcade type environment. Designed to be very durable due to their heavy weight and rugged parts. 

Air Hockey never goes out of style.

Air Hockey Tables start at $899. depending on the style, size and wood options.

If you prefer not to come to our store, we can assist you over the phone.

We're here to help you plan a fun room for the whole family. #WeFurnishFun


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