The History of Pool, From the Grass to Billiards Tables

March 1, 2022
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Did you know that the game of pool dates back to the 1500s? It began as a croquet-like game played on grass, and slowly made its way to the billiard tables we use today!

An early form of the game was documented in the 1600s, and involved people using maces to play pool on a table. Maces resembled large wood golf clubs, where players would shove the balls into the pockets of the table.  In the late 1600s, people began to realize that the maces were too big and cumbersome to really maneuver around the table, and developed the version of the pool cue we use today.

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Modern cue sticks, aka "cues", are weighed in ounces and typically come in (4) different weights: 18, 19, 20, 21oz. Cues sticks are either one complete stick (used in homes or places with no traveling) or are made up of two parts. Two-piece cue sticks separate at a threaded joint for ease in travel & carrying in a protective case. The shaft (upper part of the cue stick) is usually made from Maple wood but also can be made of composite materials such as carbon fiber and graphite. The butt end can be smooth or with a grip called the "wrap" and can be made with nylon, linen,  or leather. The leather tip can be soft, medium or hard. The white piece the tip mounts to is the ferrule.

modern cue sticks assembled and disassembled

The most important part of purchasing a new cue is the comfort level for the player and its straightness, most of the design work being cosmetic.

Cue sticks can be decorated in many ways from exotic and colorful woods, to pearls, to metallics and gemstones. These cue sticks can be pieces of art and are collected by many.

Breaking cue sticks are specialized cues designed just for the beginning "break shot" of a game of pool. They usually have a harder and stronger tip to handle the impact of the break.

a cue stick in two parts

<span class="highlight-bold">Our Two-piece cues start at $75.00</span> with a mixture of American manufacturers and some quality import companies as well.

Schmelke, McDermott, Viking, Meucci, J.Pechauer, Cue Tec, Pure X, Lucasi, Action, Outlaw, Athena, Koda, and Players are some of the amazing brands that we carry!

Stop in and let us help you find that perfect cue stick.

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