Darts: A Soldier’s Pastime Turned World Classic!

February 1, 2022
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Darts can be found at any local restaurant or bar establishment, or even in a family home game room, and  can be enjoyed by all ages. They are versatile, fun, and don’t require a large space to play making them the perfect addition to any game room.

Did you know that the game of darts has been around since at least the 1300s? It was originally invented by the English military as a way for soldiers to pass time and to also help them with their aim.  Soldiers would line up empty wine barrels and see who could throw their spear head closest to the center.  Darts’ popularity grew and the game spread to the masses of the general public. The game was adapted and tree trunks were being sliced in half and used for their center growth rings.

Eventually the game of darts made its way into London pubs, where ex-soldiers would meet up.  It soon became clear the game of darts was more strategy than chance.  Dart throwing competitions came to be in the 1900s, with the added number system we have on dart boards to this day.

There are two types of dart games each requiring different boards and darts:

Alien dart board by dartworld

Steel-Tipped Darts

Steel-tipped dart boards are made of bristle, which allows the holes made by the darts to heal or close. This makes the board durable and provides a longer play life.

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As you might expect, the darts used on steel-tipped dart boards are steel-tipped darts! These darts have steel tips and are weighed in grams. They come in a variety of weights, usually 22 – 28 grams.

arachnid soft tip dart board

Soft-Tipped Darts

Soft-tipped or electronic darts have a plastic tip and are usually lighter in gram weight, mostly 18gram.  

Soft-tip dart boards or electronic boards can accommodate up to 8 players and can play a variety of different game versions so they are more interactive. Electronic boards keep score for you and depending on the model some will even heckle you if you miss a shot! Some boards can even be hooked up thru wifi so you can play against other dart players all over the world.

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granboard 3s

How and Where To Play

Steel bristle dartboards are divided into 20 numbered segments and a bullseye. Each segment has 4 scoring areas: 2 single, 1 triple and 1 double. The bullseye has an outer ring (single bull – 25 points) and an inner ring (double bull – 50 points).

The center of the dartboard must be hung 5′ 8″ above the floor to the center of the bull and throw distance for steel darts is 7’9 1/4″ and 8′ for soft tipped.

a few different dart sets

The dart sets have barrels that can be made of brass, nickel silver, and Tungsten. Avid dart players usually prefer to use Tungsten.

<span class="highlight-bold">Soft and steel tip dart sets start at $8.95 and go up from there.</span>

Depending on the region, steel tipped or soft tipped dart leagues can be found! These leagues are awesome and allow players to test their skills against each other. Encore caters to league players that play all over Connecticut.

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