Billiard Lighting Fixtures 101

September 2, 2022
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Although billiard lighting fixtures tend to resemble the look of kitchen island lighting there are some differences. Billiard lighting needs to be direct and the light needs to be dispersed and spread out on the table. The fixtures are meant to light the table not the room. Ideal billiard lights do not blind the player by letting light be omitted out of the bulb and into the player's eye sight, which can be a huge distraction to a player.

The best shades have a 14" - 16" diameter so the focus is wide and the light is forced down and not out the side.  Another point is the material chosen for the shades. Not only are metal shades most durable they also are great to keep the light enclosed and focus the light ray down.  Other durable shades can be made of acrylic. Glass, tiffany, mica & fabric shades are also popular.

Living room with a pool table and a couch.

We usually recommend to either choose a very neutral color shade to work with the wood tone of the table or match the shade with the color of the cloth on the pool table. 

For example: a green shaded fixture over a red felted pool table could turn the table to look orange or even Christmas-like. 

That all being said most customers today prefer style over practicality. Many people will choose a light style based on the look of the room, the style of the pool table and or other furniture in the room. Many light fixtures offer different size shade options and different style lighting so coordination is easy for bar lighting, sink lighting, island lighting, table lamps and more that also may be in the same room. In some cases matching wall sconces are also available which is a great way to light the back of a bar. 

Rustic and modern streamlined styles are currently the popular trends. 

long lighting on a green pool table

Prices for light fixtures start approx. $150 and go up to $1000 and more depending on how they are made.

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